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Canyon de Chelly Spider Rock Jeep Tour Presents

Welcome to
Canyon de Chelly
Ancient Jeep Tour
Canyon de Chelly National Monument, is located in Arizona's  Four Corner Region.
History and lore will come alive as you tour Canyon de Chelly in Oscar Bia’s jeep.

Whether going on one of many set tours, or a tour customized
just for you, be ready for a journey that will not be forgotten.
Steeped in Navajo traditions, Oscar remains close to his family.
Well before Oscar was born many of Oscar’s family members
lived in Canyon de Chelly itself or on top of the canyon on one of the rims.

As a boy Oscar used to climb the Canyon walls everyday to
to attend school and would descend back into the Canyon to tend the family’s
cattle. With long ties to the Canyon Oscar has access to some large plots of
land, which are still held by Oscar and his family.
Within those wide expanses of land exist some wonderful
history left by the Anasazi including ancient rock paintings along with ruins
that are also scattered throughout Canyon de Chelly.

The Anasazi ancient ruins are in remarkable shape and date back to
600 A.D.
 and earlier. 
The chance to see ruins such as
Junction Ruin, Mummy Cave Ruin, Antelope House Ruin and First Ruin along with
others is indeed a breath taking experience.
Canyon de Chelly also has magnificent places like Spider Rock, that have
been and still are an important part of the Navajo history and ceremonies.

 Oscar is a Shaman and a Medicine Man and is very knowledgeable
 of the many long and intricate ceremonies of the Diné
(meaning “The People" the true name for the Navajo).

Canyon de Chelly Spider Rock Jeep Tours

Contact Info: Oscar Bia

Phone - (928) 349-5912

Messages - (928) 255-9426

Oscar Bia 

P.O. Box 1564

Chinle, Arizona 86503


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