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Canyon de Chelly Ancient Jeep Tour: Testimonials-
Hi Oscar,
As you know it was the third time that I have come to Canyon de Chelly and the second time for my son.  I don't think that you know the whole story with my son and me.  It was his first year at U of A and I was coming to help him move at the end of the year.  I asked him if he might want to do a road trip through the Canyon with me and to my amazement he wanted to join me.  My son and I had our moments as many kids and parents do, yet he wanted to do this trip...just his mom and him! 
I  have to tell you that our time with you, was a turning point in our relationship.  He told me that he wanted to live in the Canyon, and at that point I knew my hi-tech son and I had found a common ground that will be understood and respected for ... a long, long time. 
I feel the need to thank you for letting us into your life and answering a ton of questions from me, and for also inviting us back for a bit of hiking and camping.  I would love to have you and your family here ...we live on a lake, obviously much different than your home, yet beautiful in its own way.  
So continue your wonderful work and ways, and I hope that some day you will come to visit us.
Most sincerely,
Sue and Charlie
Hey Oscar
Sorry its been so long in getting these pictures to you. My cancer came back and have had a time since we were out there in June. Hope you remember me and my wife Judy.
You took us on two jeep rides that we will never forget. What a beautiful place!!!
Hope your doing fine and all is well. These are are pretty tough times. Anyway here are the pictures, hope you enjoy them. Again, sorry its been so long. Hope to see you again next time were out that way.
See ya soon,
Larry and Judy Dudley

Hi Oscar,
               We made it home safely back to Maine. We just wanted you to know that the day we spent with you was the highlight of our trip and the best part.THANK-YOU . We hope you liked the maple syrup and candy and shells.
       If you ever want to come east to visit you would be welcome to stay in our home, we have a big house with plenty of room for you to stay and would love to show you around. We could eat lobster too! Write back when you can.
Most sincerely,
Bonnie, Eric & Dylan

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