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Canyon de Chelly Ancient Jeep Tour

Summer Rates


*$150.00  3 hour tour- 4 people

* $175.00   3 hour tour-  4 people  

* $200.00  3 hour tour- 5 people

* 40.00  per person 3 hour tour- 6 people and up


* $250.00 6 hour tour to-

Spider Rock and Antelope House Ruin or Mummy Cave to White House Ruin

* Use of your vehicle- $25.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)



* $25.00 per hour-up to 10 people

Day and evening hikes available




Opportunities to see Spider Rock

Kokopelli Cave, Petroglyph Rock,

First Ruin, Junction Ruin,

White House Ruin, Ledge Ruin 

Antelope House Ruin, and Bear Trail



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